Women and DIY Bikes, Oh My!

Somehow we always knew our first event would be a fix-your-bike workshop. Maybe that's because it's an event we have always wanted to attend ourselves. What is that thing called?  Why is it making this noise? Ok, it's not doing it now but it does it all the time, usually, I swear? We need to be able to ask better questions.

So, on May 28th at Artscape Youngplace, with our fearless and extremely knowledgeable leader, Alex Legum, twelve warriors with bikes, delicious snacks and beverages gathered together and made. it. happen.  

Didn't make it to the workshop?  Here's a tonne of information to get you empowered, confident and on the roads (and trails!):

  • The Bad Girls Bike Club is a cycling club for femme-identifying youth.  Rides leave out of Sweet Pete's Bike Shop in the Annex. 
  • Sweet Pete's also has a Saturday Morning Woman's Group Road Ride .  Wanna try mountain biking? They have that, too.  AND it's run by Alex, our workshop leader, and someone who you'll be so glad you had a chance to meet.  Learn about it here
  • Bike Pirates has Trans and Women Sundays where you can access their library, use their tools and learn how to fix that funny squeak in a safe and lovely space.
  • Bikechain at U of T runs women, trans, gnb hours every Tuesday.
  • Charlie's FreeWheels runs DIY hours every Wednesday and Saturday (for ages 12-25), and all of their staff are women or gnb folks. They also offer a girls and trans build a bike course for youth multiple times a year and Alex (she's everywhere) runs the ride program.

Thanks to Alex for helping to compile all that information.  Now get out and ride!